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Soar Your Business With Online Stores E-commerce website is a platform where purchase and sales of goods occurs via internet

Top 6 Features that you should have in your online store


Ease of Use

A good e-commerce website is always the one which is simple and easy to use. Providing customers a responsive design and navigation helps shoppers to find what they want easily.


Detailed product description

Providing clear and detailed description about the product is more or less like telling a story of the product you sell. Facts about the product takes over the task of a store attendant and draws the attention of the buyers.


Various payment getaways

E-commerce website should provide various types of online payment methods to help customers shop easily.  Providing online payment method saves shoppers time and can be accessed globally.


High-Resolution product photos or video

Visuals are the most influential aspect that attracts the buyers. Besides the reviews, photos or videos of a product on an e-commerce sites gives clear picture of how the product will look.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for your e-Commerce website because you will be having hard time if your website cannot be discovered through Google.


Security Features

E-commerce sites are the main target of cyber criminals’ who are always eyeing on stealing sensitive information of you and your customer’s. Therefore, having a secure platform with the support of HTTPS which allows secure transactions is necessary.

Why you need an Ecommerce website for your Business?

You may question whether is necessary to have an online website. If your goal is to be on top of the competition, then the answer is yes. You will be able to compete in both local and global business . Then, you will be able to expand your company’s reach. Thus, getting you more new customers.
Ecommerce website is the best marketing tool. You can use websites as part of your marketing strategy. As compared to traditional methods like television commercials, it is less expensive. Consumers share your website in their social media if they like what you offer. Hence, giving you free advertisement. Not only that, consumers are more likely to purchase products that have been recommended through social media.

Why you need an Ecommerce website for your Business?

You may wonder ! is it really important to have a website for your business. Yes! You surely need an online eCommerce website to bring your business to the top among existing business. Ecommerce website has no Geographical limitations and your business keeps running for 24/7 (365 days/year) both in local market and also globally. As the market is becoming cashless, plenty of people shop in-store and majority of the shoppers are online shoppers. Ecommerce website also helps you to advertise your products at a lower cost. Having e-commerce website helps you to keep track of your customers buying habits and fulfilling their requirements helps to grow your business.


Here is how Benova can help you with your ecommerce website.

An eCommerce website is a great opportunity to grow your business to a new level and to reach your potential customers. Here at Benova, we help you to own an eCommerce website with all the needed requirements to lift your business among other businesses. SEO is one of the important feature for your business to grow and we specialize in creating website with such contents.