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Choosing a website color is an important thing to do. If you pick a wrong color, it can affect your websites
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How To Choose Best Website Color Schemes?

How To Choose Best Website Color Schemes?

Hi readers. Do you know why color selection is so important? Each color affect different emotions and messages. For example, McDonald logo. Just imagine it can make your stomach starts to grumble. This is because our brain processes color before it processes words and shapes. When red combine with yellow, it will makes you feel hungry, and encourage you to buy their product. At the same time, it also make you feel happy. Now, do you understand why choosing the right website color scheme is important. Here’s how :

  1. You must understand how color can affects emotion
  2. Who is your customer or target?
  3. Never ever decide based on your biases
  4. Just how much colors do you need to use
  5. Choose a set of colors
  6. Consult the color wheel or color tools for help
  7. Check out your competition
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