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SEO: Contemporary Marketing

We as a user will always choose the first five suggestions in the result pages (SERPS) when we search something in Google or any search engines. Don’t you want your website to be in the first page of Google? Benova Malaysia SEO service makes sure that your website appears on the first page of Google. We help to make changes to your website so that it is closer to the top position in the search engine result page.

If you are not happy with website ranking in search engine, let us help you to build your SEO. Our talented and professional team will provide you service where your traffic will increase and attract organic ranking.

What Is SEO and How Can It Help You To Grow Your Business?

On-page SEO

On-page SEO are the elements that happens on your website and where you have total control to optimize the code and the content.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO are the actions that take place outside of your website to affect your site by building the right links and social signals.

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Benova’s SEO process

Keyword Search

Step 1

Keyword Research

Most accurate and suitable keywords makes your website organic. We study your requirements and identify the most important keywords for your website. Local keywords, long tail keywords and also short tail keywords are used to lower the competition.

SEO Audit

Step 2

SEO Audit and competition analysis

We audit your current website ranking and perform competition analysis using SEO software to identify your competitor. SEO audits will check the website for content and also your current SEO level to boast your ranking.


Step 3

On-Page SEO and Off-Page Optimization

Google is becoming smart day by day, so keyword research is not helpful enough. In order to optimize the page on-page SEO such as text formatting, proper URL strings, optimized titles and descriptions will be implemented. Whereas links and social media promoting will be carried out under off-page optimization.


Step 4

Reports and Maintenance

Reports will allow you to keep track of your ranking in the search engine and will be a guideline for upcoming changes. Competitions are really high and constant updates are crucial to keep your business soar in this digital market.

How Benova can help you with sales?

Detailed Search

  • Analyzing your competitors in depth.
  • Analyze the server and website that you used.
  • Analysis of 200 on-page SEO factors.

Optimize the Website Performance

  • Use captivating titles and descriptions for meta.
  • Increase page speed.
  • Maintain and upgrade the structure of your website.

Aware of the content

  • Website which raises the rates of conversion.
  • Information on a website that can teach visitors
  • Informative blog posts such as tips.

Keyword Selection

  • Identify frequently used keyword
  • Outline keyword stuffing
  • Filter organic keywords

Earned media

  • Brand communication
  • Consistent shares, reviews and feedbacks


  • Control segmentation

Your Questions, Our Answers

How long does it take to see the results from SEO?

Weeks, months, or years at times. It therefore relies mostly on the sector or niche in which your website is located.

Are internal links similar to inbound links ?

Inbound links are links where other websites link to your content while internal links are links that go through the links on a page on your website to another page on your website.

How organic results differ from paid results?

Organic findings are the results that appeared free in search engines based on an algorithm, but paid outcomes are search results that appear at the top or side of a page connected to the ads paid to appear on various search engines.

Does a good content website ranked higher in search engines?

Not really, in order to rank high in search engines, your website content should give your readers a better value, particularly appropriate to your business sector.

Will I be put at disadvantage for linking to a bad website?

Yes, you may be penalized for connecting your website to an unrelated website or the sites being penalized.

Should I hire a company or agent that guarantees first place rankings through their SEO services?

No. Never! The algorithms of the search engines are constantly evolving so that nobody can ensure that you will reach the first page. Probably those who offer such guarantees will spam Google on it.